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What's the Real Story?

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To be sure, there is a plethora of newsworthy stories today. The world abounds with people and events that have the potential to change our lives. Friends and foes alike demand our attention to detail across the globe. From Iran to North Korea, from Israel to Russia and from China to Afghanistan there is no dearth of critical potentialities capable of changing our everyday lives.

Here at home there is healthcare, global warming, crime and a whole host of other pressing issues to consume our time and attention. Our leaders have enough on their plates to keep them busy for a very long time. The daily grind of our lives makes it difficult to assimilate even the superficial basics let alone the intricacies of most of these pressing problems.

In the swirl of earning our daily bread and the rush of life’s challenges, we trust that those we have elected to handle the nations business are doing so. Though only a very small percentage of us vote and of that number, it is anybodies guess how many are actually well informed and thoughtful regarding their choices. However, this is not a treaste or encyclical on voting.

Let us assume that most citizens are comfortable trusting their government to keep the country’s best interest at heart. In the way of trust but verify there is always our free and unfettered press to inform us. Or is there?

To be sure, today’s papers, TV shows and radio news programs are chock full of interesting and vital information on a variety of important topics. Even with the, in my view, unwarranted attention paid to inane topics and even less noteworthy celebrities whose accomplishments are nil, the media generally does an adequate job of keeping us informed. Unfortunately, though that is not always the case.

My last post was about the story broken originally by Jeff Sharlet in Harpers Magazine in 2003 and followed by his book The Family in 2008. Rachel Maddow has run a couple of interviews with Sharlet prompted by the recent indiscretions of Governor Sanford, Senator Ensign and former Congressman Pickering who all have ties to the house owned by The Family at 133 C Street in Washington DC. Other then these two there has been precious little commentary on the real gravitas of this story.

The Washington Post ran an article by Manuel Roig-Franzia. It is a rather benign piece focusing on the marital infidelities of Governor Sanford and only peripherally mentioning the secretiveness of the organization behind the house. Seemingly, with our voracious appetite for the salacious and titillating we have passed by the real story.

The Family and its minions have done an incredible job of public relations. As far as anyone knows, the house on C Street is a low cost refuge for Congressman, Senators and other influential members. It is registered as a church for tax purposes and is portrayed as a house of prayer. Prayer to whom and for what is the question we should be asking.

Doug Coe the leader of The Family since 1969 is an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler among others of history’s criminals that are more heinous. He postulates that Hitler knew how to amass and use power. He also frequently opines that to those selected by Christ the rules of society do not apply. The so-called elect are entitled by right of being chosen to ignore societal rules and regulations.

He teaches that mainstream Christianity is passé and that he and his ilk are the new Israel, entitled to all the money and power they can acquire regardless of legalities or means. The masses in his philosophy are only entitled to the dregs of his largess and the remnants of his appetites. He espouses a form of trickle down economics that is truly arrogant and repressive. Nevertheless, even his lust and thirst for power, influence and control of current events is not the real story.

The real story is that this semi secret society hiding in plain sight as a Christian Prayer Group is anything but. The group undoubtedly has different levels of inclusion, knowledge and affinity among its membership. Very disturbing is the fact that so many powerful and elected representatives of our government are included on its membership roles.

Even more disturbing is the foreign dictators and representatives of repressive regimes it is known to have contact with. Yes, the real story is what we have yet to learn about this association of powerful and influential men who think their inability to satisfy their wives is a sign of demonic possession.

Any slight amount of internet research on these people and their organization raises more questions then it answers. I hope that the mainstream media will follow where Jeff Sharlet and Rachel Maddow have led. I hope that they ask the hard questions and demand some accountability from these people about their personal beliefs and political agenda.

I also hope that the American public will demand answers from their duly elected representatives. We deserve to know why any member of our government would join a church that admires anything to do with Adolph Hitler.

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