Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sky is Falling!

The lack of innate intelligence enjoyed by the average individual or at least not utilized even if possessed is a god send to charlatans of every ilk. I have long postulated that you cannot go broke underestimating the sheer stupidity of the average human. One only has to look at the quality and efficacy of the typical product sold on the typical infomercial. Surely individuals with even a modicum of common sense see through the false claims, exaggerations and complete nonsense used to tout these modern day versions of old fashioned snake oil.

Of particular benefit to modern day prophets of doom and masters of the art of prevarication like Glenn (the sky is falling) Beck and Rush (the imbecile) Limbaugh is the prevalence of such either intellectually deprived or lazy political neophytes either naive or paranoid enough to eat the pabulum and drink the cool aid of their dishonest discourse. There never in history has been a dearth of people possessed of stupidity so sublime that it passes for fervently held hopes and beliefs. Our species is replete with such and they are the repast of such wolves as are among us.

Back in the day your average snake oil salesperson knew better than to stay around too long and was constantly on the move from village to village and town to town. The harm they did was for the most part non-injurious to society as a whole. They took advantage of a small percentage of the population and moved on to greener pastures. While they may have occasionally been guilty of fostering off some poisonous remedy they were much more often guilty of selling some foul tasting concoction as a cure for whatever ails the unsuspecting were afflicted with. Today with the shrinking of the globe via instant communication and the increased size of the audience such is not the case.

One does not have to be mentally ill to be influenced by the likes of Beck, Limbaugh and the ultra hard core right wing corporate power mongers that stable, feed and encourage them. They live only to use innuendo, half truths and outright lies to mislead, misinform and befuddle those over whom they hold sway. People who we all love and admire are besotted with their lies and willing to hold their spewing as gospel because it feeds their fear, paranoia and belief that if it weren’t for whatever boogeyman is being battled today their present and future lives would be perfect. They are willing to swallow anything regardless of how foul tasting that holds the promise of curing their feeling of fear, futility, and incompetence.

They prey on the mentally weak, the fearful and the stupid of which there is no lack. Limbaugh is a fat, personally undisciplined, florid faced, obtuse and ignorant slob with the table manners of a goat, who has no class, education beyond high school, or ability to hold onto a woman. He is incapable of taking responsibility for any of his numerous gaffs and has the honor and honesty of a pimp. His alter ego is Beck who is just a pretty version of the same sort of immoral pseudo intellectual idiot that Limbaugh is. It is incredible to me that these two abysmal examples of conservative punditry can mold and hold such a large audience as to be economically successful but they do. Only in America could two such poorly educated, unprincipled and devious purveyors of political malarkey find the level of success and media prominence these two reprehensible prevaricators have.

Their seeming success does not speak well of the audience that hangs on every word, believes every lie and takes as gospel every pseudo idea put forth by these men who can’t keep from twisting reality, shading the truth and telling outright lies to the poor besotted people who believe in them. It does not speak well of those who know better that they are allowed to get away with it. Rather than confront their perfidy and taking them to task for every false statement the rest of the media either tries to emulate them or treats them as nothing more than a mild annoyance.

Our society is undoubtedly well able to absorb their dissemination of hate, discontent and prejudicial rhetoric without coming apart at the seams. That does not mean though that there are or never will be any consequences to their constant pattering and hate filled speech filling the airwaves. It would be interesting to know which stations the Tucson shooter had preset on his family car. Regardless of whether he ever listened to them or not a lot of people do.

I would submit that anybody who actually believes and admires these two and others of their ilk is already intellectually and or emotionally compromised. It would only take one mentally unbalanced and paranoid individual who was a fan to make us all sorry we never challenged their facts and conclusions in a way that would drive them from the air.

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