Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Mr. President,

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that I appreciate the job you are doing and the tremendous effort and strain it must require. The office you hold while it is one you sought is not without its surprises, stresses and strains. It is probable that anyone holding the office for the first time is at times somewhat overwhelmed with the responsibility, complexity and crushing weight of all the problems we the people expect you to solve. While some presidents do a better job than others of rising to the occasion and history has a way of ameliorating those judgments it is my feeling that you have risen admirably to the challenges of the office and are the right man at the right time in our history to help heal our wounds, repair our image and move us forward.

How anyone not faced with the challenges facing you such as the complex political climate, the economic situation, the international morass and all of the daily decisions that must pursue you from moment to moment cannot offer you their prayers and support is beyond me. Regardless of political persuasion you are the president of us all and deserving of our heartfelt support regardless. In my mind the only way for America to advance and progress through the problems and opportunities we face is to stand together shoulder to shoulder behind the leaders we were fortunate to be able to elect regardless of our petty differences.

I know we did not get to where we are economically, politically, internationally or domestically in the blink of an eye and we cannot expect immediate solutions to all our problems overnight. It is also very apparent that fate can hand us new and horrifying challenges beyond our comprehension and ability to prevent but there is no one sir I would rather have at the helm today then you. I have implicit trust in your vision, judgment, character, morality and ability to lead. Changing anything so complex as the society in which we live is a formidable task when there are so many individual, corporate and special interest pulling this way and pushing that way trying every which way to obtain the end they seek regardless of the means necessary to achieve it.

I do not envy you your job and imagine anyone in your position might occasionally have second thoughts about the task and their fitness or ability to take it on. Well you sir have done a remarkable job so far and it is my prayer you get a second term to try and finish what you and we the people started together when we elected you. The way you carry yourself, represent us before the world and stand-up for the average American inspires many of us and personally makes me very proud of my president, my country and our form of government.

With all the confidence in the world in you and that you will keep fighting the good fight win, lose or draw I salute you, your office and the effort you make each and every day on behalf of the American people. May god bless you and strengthen you for the tasks at hand and protect you and your family as you labor for us to make this a better country in which to live, work, play and raise our families. Thank you again on behalf of a grateful nation and god bless.

Dan Creamer

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