Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Response to Romney's VFW Diatribe

One would have to be a complete idiot to believe that President Obama has been anything other than exemplary, insofar as his foreign policy management is concerned. He has done more to restore the national reputation ruined by the previous republican administration than we could have rightly expected. His penchant for truth telling has earned the respect of leaders worldwide if not the sycophantic adulation that the right would demand through sheer force.

Budget cuts pending for the military are the result of the rights intransigence and refusal to consent to a budget deal; that includes all the cuts they demanded, and the increase in revenues from the wealthiest one percent of the population. All that increase involves is a return to the once widely accepted tax rates prevalent until Bush decided to demolish the surplus Clinton bequeathed him.

As to things, the American people are entitled to know let’s start with Mr. Romney’s last twelve tax returns shall we? His talking about things people are entitled to know is like the pot calling the kettle black. People who live in glass houses should refrain from throwing stones at another’s brick abode. Did he have years where he paid no taxes? Was he involved in the Swiss amnesty deal in 09? Has he invested in China or other dictatorships for personal gain?

Quoting Romney these are things “that Americans are entitled to know, and know right now.” Romney has been so duplicitous about so many of his stances on various policy issues that one wonders why he is so insistent on refusing to be transparent about his earnings, investments and tax liability prior to 2010. It is not like him to take a firm stand on anything after all.

It is easy for a wannabe know nothing who has never been briefed on world affairs by the various intelligence and administrative agencies that monitor such things, to be critical of things in a general way. Specifics of course elude them because they are unaware of the underlying facts that require a top secret, need to know clearance. It is convenient also to ignore Bush looking into Putin’s eyes and seeing his soul.

Romney is a man of low intellect and less character. He wants the presidency so intensely he is willing to try and buy it, with the support of right wing extremists like the Koch brothers and others, who are willing to pay any price to rid themselves of a black president. He is a man who will try to sell a lame horse on drugs to mask the illness, tie a dog to the roof of the car, and refuse to disclose his finances to “you people”. His money does not command respect nor entitle him to the position he so desperately seeks.

He and the others of his ilk on the right are so fearful of the country becoming one where once all powerful white males find themselves in the minority of a population growing ever more colorful, diverse, and liberal that their paranoia is debilitating. It keeps them up at night, and in a state of perpetual terror about their ability to design the future according to their self-styled aristocracy. They have decided to wage a war of total destruction rather than acquiesce to the foregone conclusion driven by birth rates and the yearning of the poor for a fair shot at the American Dream.