Thursday, October 4, 2012

If You Believe

The president’s performance was not up to snuff and that’s for sure. Romney was aggressive and seemingly articulate though without the specifics that his rhetoric so sorely lacks. He also changed his explanation of how he would handle giving tax rate reductions yet again without any elaboration. So the president had a bad night for some unknown and unknowable reason and Romney came to fight. All of that changes nothing in the mind of an intelligent and well informed voter.

If you believe that we should have an every person for themselves society where the poor and disadvantaged are left to their own devices to improve their lot and reach a level of competency that allows for them to contribute to that society vote Romney. If you believe that by educating all children according to their desires and talent in order to build a sound foundation of competent and knowledgeable people able to advance our society vote Obama.

If you believe that the rich have no further obligation to the society from which they come and that they are entitled to pass laws that insulate them from the just interest of that society vote Romney. If you believe that to whom much is given, much is also required and that society has a moral obligation to protect itself from the poison and shoddy products of the immoral capitalist and his corporation vote Obama.

If you believe that society has no moral obligation to the genetically defective, aged, and infirmed or to the hungry and destitute vote Romney. If you believe that a just Society must provide for the least among them through their laws, their courts, and their traditions vote Obama.

If you believe in the privatization of prisons, schools, nursing homes, the military, and everything else vote Romney. If you believe that government should dispense justice, insure safety standards, inspect producers and enforce compliance vote for Obama.

If you want a hard right politically driven Supreme Court that will continue to steal elections, grant personhood to corporations and allow Wall Street to run away with your money vote Romney. If you want a Supreme Court that will overturn Citizen’s United, protect individual freedom and liberties, and see corporations for what they are, a legal fiction, vote Obama.

Elections are about choices and this one is no different. There are even more stark choices about the character, veracity, and openness of these two men that should be considered. A man who won’t disclose his past tax returns and manipulates his current ones in pursuit of the presidency is hiding something. So America make your choices and take your chances. The ball is in your court now.

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