Saturday, February 26, 2011

Arrogance Unbridled

It is amazing how fast the right started moving on abortion after the mid-terms. For all the urgency touted about how quick they were going to go after creating jobs and the deficit I still have not heard one word about a jobs program and their idea of fixing the budget is more tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and the rest is placed on the backs of what’s left of the middle class and the working poor. With lightening speed though the first thing they went after was a way to impede the healthcare many woman relied on Planned Parenthood to provide and the drafting of some of the most terrifying, draconian and mindless laws designed to redefine rape, criminalize miscarriages and setup a repeal of Roe V Wade which they can probably accomplish now that they are in charge of the Supreme Court as well as the house.
God only knows what weird psychosis and personality defects infect the minds of men intent on intruding on a decision that should be left up to the conscience of the affected woman and her higher power if she has one. I am sure it is the same type of mindset that entices them to cheat on their wives, get lost on the Appalachian Trail, hire their mistresses, cruise Craig’s List for transgender dates, pursue their pages and arrogantly assume that they have the right to legislate morality and criminalize anything they consider sins, except their own.
Men do not and cannot understand the thoughts, feelings, fears, and values that a woman brings to a decision that she well knows will stay with her the rest of her life. We do not get pregnant and are not subject to that result from attacks on our persons, unintentional indiscretions or failures of commercial birth control methods. We can’t possibly put ourselves in her shoes relative to all the considerations a woman with an unwanted pregnancy must look at and weigh nor is it our place to tell her what she can or cannot do with her body.
Rather than take such a medieval approach to this conundrum the government should strengthen and support Planned Parenthood which will help prevent some say up to six hundred thousand unwanted pregnancies a year. They should offer woman with unwanted pregnancies more options for adoptions and if a woman decides to terminate a pregnancy they should offer counseling, prayers and beyond that they should mind their own business.

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