Friday, February 4, 2011

The War Party

The Republican Party shall henceforth and forever more be known by myself as the War Party until they refudiate (their word not mine) their waging of class warfare on the citizenry of this country. Their current chief Cries-a-Lot will have to foreswear his warfare on the average citizen on behalf of the corporate power mongers and wealthy illuminati who are trying to transfer the cost of living in this country entirely to the proletariat.
Their primary aim even over and above ridding themselves of President Obama is to increase the inequality between themselves and the average citizen who they see as only fit to labor on their behalf for the rewards and compensation they deem appropriate. In their pursuit of personal enrichment they have and will utilize wars, police actions and nation building as a means to an end. There is no limit to the human suffering they will sanction in pursuit of riches and power.
They will if allowed destroy and eliminate all aspects of social conscience from the operation and implementation of governments under their control both state and federal. They will if we allow it dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Compensation and the Food Stamp program. They operate from a belief in every person for him or herself and the devil take the slow, sick, infirm and aged.
They have amassed a great army of media and corporate conglomerates that fund their insidious attack on democracy and social programs designed to ameliorate the suffering of the weak, dispossessed, infirm, sickly and otherwise physically, spiritually and mentally challenged among us. They would have us return back to a time when the old and infirm or young and useless were left under a tree to make their peace with the great spirit while the tribe moved on to better ground.
Their sole motive in life is ever larger profits and self enrichment based on the theory that whoever dies with the most toys and money wins. They feel no responsibility to their fellow man and actually have nothing but distain for those who do not affirm their world view and values. Protestations on their part aside their only aim is to dismantle all governments and replace them with a board of directors of their choosing. Unfortunately given an apathetic electorate and enough time they have a very good chance of success in that endeavor.
They have over time gained a majority of activist judges on the Supreme Court with which they plan to prevent implementation of any progressive initiatives passed into law such as the recent healthcare law and further their aims and ambitions. As of this writing and since Bush v Gore the court has proven to be solidly partisan in its findings and decisions. This combined with unlimited monetary clout and media concurrence and propaganda at their disposal make them a formidable foe of the common man.
Their fear mongering war chiefs like Glen(The Sky is Falling)Beck, Rush(The Imbecile)Limbaugh and John(Crooked Tongue)Hannity along with other supposedly more journalistically inclined braves and squaws from the Fox Nation and other right wing media outlets keep up the attack with a daily barrage of fear mongering, half truths and outright prevarications that even include using the wrong film clips and other disreputable acts that assault the truth and denigrate all journalist who fail to call them on it.
They appeal to the paranoid and fundamentalist among us who believe it is their responsibility to help god bring about the biblical prophecies relative to the end of the world and the second coming. Most of these people are arrogant enough to believe that their god welcomes or needs their assistance in furthering his aims and achieving his goals.
As time and talent allow I will in the future attempt to elucidate my feelings and believes with irrefutable facts and figures proving the depth and evil tenor of what Hillary Clinton rightly called “A vast right wing conspiracy.” The truth is out there still for those with the desire to seek it and wisdom to know it when they see it, at least for now anyway.

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